At UVC, we offer a comprehensive range of services, which include:


  • -Wellness exams
  • -Puppy/Kitten health checks
  • -Health Checks for Export / Health Screening & Wellness Exams / Preventative Medicine
  • -International Export Certification


  • -Canine & Feline Core Vaccines
  • -Rabies Vaccination
  • -Kennel Cough Vaccinations


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Services

  • -Acupuncture
  • -Herbal Medicine Therapy
  • -Heat Lamp Therapy

In House Diagnostic Imaging Services

  • -Digital Radiography (X-ray)
  • -Abdominal Ultrasonography (Abdominal Ultrasound)
  • -Echocardiography (Heart Ultrasound)

In House Medical Tests

  • -Tonometry (Eye pressure measurement)
  • -Blood pressure management
  • -Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Diagnostic Services

  • -Microchipping
  • -Full In-House Blood Test
  • -Liver Panels
  • -Thyroid-T4 Panel
  • -Urinalysis
  • -In-House Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for tick-fever diagnosis

Surgical Services

  • -Sterilisations (Castrations, Speys) – removal of reproductive organs
  • -Dentals Services – Teeth scaling, polishing and extractions
  • -Surgical Oncology – surgical removal of tumours
  • -Soft Tissues Surgery – Caesarian, Cystotomy (Bladder stone removal), Aural Haematoma Repair, Maggot Wound Management
  • -Orthopaedic Surgery – Fracture repair, Casting, Bandaging

In House Laboratory Tests

  • -Rapid Antigen & Antibody Test Kits to screen for infectious diseases
    • Dogs – Canine Parvo, Canine Distemper, Leptospirosis, Heartworm, Ehrlichiosis (Tick Fever), Anaplasmosis
    • Cats - Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) Corona Virus, Heartworm
  • -In House Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) to test for Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis (Tick Fever)
  • -Ringworm Culture
  • -Skin Scrape, Cytology, Trichogram
  • -Haematology: Procyte, Haematology, Manual Pack Cell Volume (PCV)
  • -Biochemistry:
  • -Urinalysis
  • -Cytology – Fine Needle Aspirate, Blood smears, Ear cytology, Skin scrape, Urine Sedimentation Examination, Faecal Examinations

General health/organ function screening: IDEXX Chem 17, Abaxis biochemistry, IDEXX Lyte 4, Idexx – phenobarbitone level testing

Internal disease screening:

  • -Canine pancreatic Lipase Snap Test – Canine pancreatitis
  • -Fructosamine Test – Diabetes
  • -Blood glucose measurement
  • -Cortisol Level Test – Cushing’s
  • -Idexx Urine: Protein Creatinine ratio - Kidney failure
  • -Liver profile test
  • -VsPro (PT & aPTT clotting test) – Blood clotting disorder
  • -T4 / Cholesterol – Thyroid issues
  • -Canine Direct Antiglobulin Coombs Test – to diagnose immune mediated haemolytic anaemia (IMHA) in dogs
  • -Urinalysis
  • -Fecal float

Microscopic examinations / Cytology:

  • -Blood smears
  • -Skin scraping –
  • -Ear cytology
  • -Trichogram
  • -Fine needle aspirate

Emergency Transfusion Services:

  • -Blood & Plasma Transfusions
  • -Blood Cross Matching – to ensure compatibility between blood donors & recipients
  • -Blood Typing

Hospitalisation Services

  • -AVA Approved Quarantine Facility
  • -24 Hour In-Patient Monitoring
  • -Critical Care Support (Oxygen Therapy, Heat Therapy)
  • -Nutritional Support (Placement of Oeseophageal or Nasogastric feeding tubes)
  • -Critical Care Monitoring (Seizure Watch, Pulse Oximetry (monitor oxygenation levels), Blood pressure Measurement, Electrocardiogram (ECG) Monitoring
  • -Medical Boarding

Nutrition & Retail Services

  • -Prescription Diet Sales
  • -Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • -Royal Canin Veterinary Diets
  • -Veterinary Grade Parasite Preventatives - Heartworm, Ticks, Intestinal Worms, Fleas
  • -Veterinary Grade Supplements - Dental, Skin, Joints, Kidney, Liver, Heart

House Calls

  • -After Hour Emergencies
  • -House Call Consultations
  • -House Call Vaccinations

Nail Clipping



  • -Pet Liscensing in Singapore