UVC Common Food Toxicity Picture

It is important to note that though many of our dogs would enjoy what we humans eat, there are several common foods that can be toxic to them. It is best to be aware of what these common food items are so as to prevent any potential toxicities in our beloved pooches. Here is a […]

UVC Roundworm Visible

Both dogs and cats are susceptible to intestinal parasites such as gastrointestinal worms.   What are the commonly seen gastrointestinal worms? Common intestinal worms in dogs and cats include roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. The only worms visible to the naked eye are roundworms and tapeworms which may be observed being expelled within the faeces or […]

UVC Vaccination Cat

Vaccinations increase the body’s immunity to disease causing bacteria and viruses by stimulating antibody production, which provides immunity and protection against potentially fatal and debilitating diseases. The main diseases dogs and cats should be protected against: DOGS CATS CORE VACCINATIONS


What is Pyometra? Pyometra is an infection of the uterus. This infection causes pus to build up in the uterus and often causes an abnormal distension. How do they come about? Repeated hormonal changes as part of the normal oestrus cycle leads to repeated exposure to progesterone and oestrogen. This leads to increased thickening of […]


Lily intoxication in cats can lead to permanent, irreversible kidney damage, resulting in death. Please be mindful of the dangers and keep your furbies safely away from Lilies!   Which parts of the Lily are dangerous? All parts of the Lily are poisonous; this includes the leaves, flowers and stem.   What clinical signs are […]